From pediatrics to internal medicine and family practice, Mercy Health's board-certified primary care doctors and health providers treat you and your family with expert care. We're proud to offer the best primary care doctors and family physicians across the communities we serve in Ohio and Kentucky. Mercy Health physicians treat patients with compassion through every stage of life.

Mercy Health's primary care physicians are also dedicated to continuous quality improvement. To ensure we’re leading the way in best practice standards of care in our communities, many of our primary care offices have received certification by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). This certification verifies that offices have standards in place that incorporate the patient as a partner in health care decision-making. We track our performance over time and ensure continuity among all of our primary care providers and facilities.

Whether you are looking for an internal medicine doctor or a family practice, Mercy Health has your primary care needs covered. Finding a doctor close to home is the first step in your journey to better health.

Primary Care Services We Offer

  • Annual physical exam
  • Camp, school and sports physicals
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common medical problems
  • Immunizations
  • Preventive care
  • Routine tests
  • Lifestyle and nutrition education
  • Health education
  • Prescription and medication management
Why Choose Mercy Health?
At Mercy Health, we want to help you be well in mind, body and spirit. Our board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses are highly skilled and dedicated to the healthcare needs of your entire family. From routine checkups to illnesses and injuries, you and your family will be cared for expertly and compassionately. 

Common Conditions

Common illnesses, such as fever, flu, sore throat and cough
Problems that need care now, such as infections, asthma, vomiting, injuries, sprains and cuts that need stitches
Management of chronic illnesses or conditions  
Conditions We Treat
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Treatments and Services We Offer
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